Hubby and I had an amazing weekend last weekend.  We started the day with a bit of a drive knowing we wanted to pull off to find a good location to shoot an outdoor girlcock photo shoot.  We pulled into a few rest stops and fishing areas and by the third stop we found the perfect spot.  It was empty except for us so we set off exploring.  We found this beautiful stream running close by with a bridge and a log along the water’s edge we knew would do the trick.  The sun was shinning and we were both aroused from the anticipation.  The photo shoot was amazing…there is nothing like the feel of the sun shining against your naked skin and the naughtiness of exposing yourself!  We slid my girlcock in and heart pounding, I posed for several shots wondering if someone would stumble on us.  Both of us were extremely turned on afterwards and made our way under the cover of the bridge where we laid out a blanket and took a few more pics.  When hubby convinced me to put down the camera I climbed on his lap and sat down on his delicious cock for the most intensely exhilarating ride.  Tits in his face, mouth against his ear we did out best to muffle our moans as we came.  We took the last few shots of my deliciously filled pussy before cleaning up.  The best part was as we came out from under the bridge I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a man fishing in the exact spot we had just been filming our girlcock photo set!  He never turned to look at us but I can’t help but think he was smiling as we made our escape giggling like teens!!

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Alexia Freire

Wow first pic threw me off

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